Instant Delivery Why wait?

instant delivery

Are Calling Cards and Mobile Vouchers delivered online instantly?

Yes. When you place your order and your credit/debit card details are matched properly with the address on your account and you are enrolled to the bank's 3D Secure validation system, the delivery of card/voucher Pin and Global topup is instant and there is no waiting period. You can start making calls within a few minutes after your purchase.


The entire procedure takes only a few minutes for instant delivery:


1. Register
2. Make payment
3. Details matches on your account
4. Payment details pass the bank security system
5. Voucher, Topups or Card Pins are delivered instantly to the "My Accounts" section of our website
6. Log in to view Topup status, Cards and PINs.


* Note: Only Calling Cards, Global Mobile Topups and Voucher Pin's are delivered using our Instant delivery system. Sim Cards and other physical items where described on the product description will be despatched to your account address. Where details do not match or your payment does not pass the secure verification process, we cannot guarantee instant delivery.

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