DiGi Points Get Rewarded

digi points

We now reward you with DiGi points for every single purchase you make on DiGiCallingCards.com as a big thank you for being our customer!

Not only you have access to the widest and best value selection of calling cards and top up vouchers in the UK but you will also be rewarded for every purchase as you deserve it!

  • Earn DiGi Points instantly
  • DiGi Points on every purchase
  • DiGi Points never expire
  • Double and Triple DiGi Points Offers
  • Redeem on any purchase

How to Redeem DiGi Points?

1. Just click on the "Pay with DiGi Points" link on the Shopping Cart (will only be visible if you have enough DiGi Points to redeem the order)

2. Your Order is paid with your DiGi Points, as simple as that...


DiGi points can then redeemed when the amount in your shopping cart is lower than points you have on your account. Just click on the pay with DiGi Points link to redeem. Every calling card and top up voucher you buy will give you more DiGi Points towards your account, we think collecting and spending DiGi Points will be a truly rewarding experience.

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