Cherry £1

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Cherry £1

text 4 card
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Text DG to 88565 to buy calling credit on your mobile

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UK Access numbers


Dial preferred access number from your phone

UK Customer Service


Card customer care if you want to contact support


Card features and instructions for use

Instructions to use

Instructions: Dial Access No. Local : 0330 977 9722 Free Phone : 0800 099 7702 Enter your PIN Dial your Telephone No. International calls: 00+country code+ Area code+Telephone No. National Calls: Area Code + No. Example: To call USA dial: 00 1 555 343401 For follow on calls or mis-dial ## Customer service: 0845 200 7861
This card expires 90 days from first use. This card expires 90 days from first use.

Usage Notice

Connection fee: yes

Tariff Terms:
Service providers may change the number of minutes without notice. Please call the card customer service to know the billing and minutes information.We do not hold any responsibility for the change in number of minutes.

Enter mobile number: 00 + country code + mobile number